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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to buy new hardware?

Unified Imaging is a cloud-based data management solution and can be used from any supported web browser.  This means you can upload, view , analyze and share images without any extra installation or setup
ImageAnywhere (IA)is a windows application that can be downloaded through the Microsoft Windows store on any Windows 8.1 or 10 machine to automatically monitor, collect and send data to Unified.  
You can set up and configure your workflow on your own or we can provide hardware with ImageAnywhere pre-installed, either way, we’ll always be one click away from live support and troubleshooting when you need it!

What about historical data? How do I get my _____ images into Unified?

We are always working to automate as much of the integration process as possible and offer self service historical data upload for many devices.  

For databases or systems requiring a custom integration, there is a one time charge of $1500/database.

Who will install the system?

A Unified rep will remotely install the system.  If using a Unified tablet, all you have to do is plug it in when it arrives and connect it to your network. Once the remote installation/configuration is done, we can come on site to verify installation and training if required

So I’ve signed up, what’s next?

Step 1. After sign up, your account is immediately available to you and unlocked for uploads, feel free to play around!
Step 2. An initial call can be set up whenever is convenient for you.  We’ll go over your equipment, expectations, and a game plan for any hardware or on-site installation you need. (necessary hardware will be shipped if needed)
Step 3. We’ll schedule a time that works for you or your IT guru to connect everything remotely, test connections and training so you can get up and running right away.
Step 4. If needed, a Clinical Specialist is able to train staff on-site. (We’ll also be monitoring, checking in and always reachable in the app’s live chat – we want your transition to the Unified platform to be as easy as possible!)

Who owns my data?

You retain full ownership of any data uploaded to Unified. We only retain a copy of your original device data while you are using the service.

What happens to my data if I cancel my Unified subscription?

We will store your data for up to 1 year and you will retain viewing access during this time.  Any time during this period your data can be exported to a PC or server you own and your entire folder structure can be transferred to your preferred storage solution.  
Unified only takes a copy of your device’s data.  The original data still resides on the device.   Upon cancellation, you will still have access to your original data on the original device.

How do you connect to non-DICOM devices?

This depends on the device, but the image is usually exported to a folder located on the device or your network, the patient demographics are extracted from the file, and then sent together with the image into Unified by an instance of ImageAnywhere, our windows application

How do you connect to devices that cannot access the internet?

As long as the device can save images on a network drive, images can be uploaded to Unified. If the device has no network adapter port, we can provide a tablet and adapter cable that will transmit printer files to the local instance of ImageAnywhere. ImageAnywhere will process, encrypt and send the data to Unified in the cloud.

How is Unified accessed through the patient’s EMR chart?

Unified is accessed via weblink, which can be a separate button inside the patient’s chart or hidden behind any existing button they are currently using to access images. We can provide the vendor instructions for using weblink with EMR template. It will be encrypted and embedded with the patient ID which takes the user directly from chart to the patient in Unified, automatically logging them in.

Can images show up in the patient’s chart in addition to Unified?

Sure, although this is not recommended as it is duplicating the image data. Images can be pushed by Unified to the EHR, but the EHR must be able to receive and determine where to store that data.

How does Unified obtain its patient data?

Unified is able to parse patient data from reports and metadata sent to Unified from your devices. Our Auto-save process will associate patients by their ID or by a combination of their first name, last name and date of birth.
(coming soon) HL7/FHIR interface.

How much internet bandwidth do I need?

At least 5MB of bandwidth upload and download (can be tested by going to, no T1 line or VPN required.

When is a separate tablet or capture station required?

Unified can provide a tablet with ImageAnywhere pre-loaded to help with hardware integrations.  In most cases, if you have a computer that is already running windows 8.1/10 you can use this instead of adding new hardware to your network.  

Can you manually export images from Unified and what format are they saved as?

Yes, when you export an image the image is exported in its original format.  

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