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Unified Imaging provides a cloud-based system for image capture, storage, and retrieval of ophthalmic instrument print data that interfaces with any instrument capable of printing.
The system was developed from the ground-up to be user friendly, inexpensive and to easily integrate into any office workflow.
The Unified Imaging solution is immediately applicable to practices with both old and new ophthalmic diagnostic equipment. Because we are not tied to any manufacturer, our instrument agnostic approach allows us to capture almost all image based instrument data.
The result is a single, simplified solution that allows eye care professionals to see a consolidated view of all patient data directly from the patient’s chart.


Ben Swift

Ben Swift


Ben is passionate about enabling healthcare technology startups to bring more efficient and collaborative models to market. When he’s not researching tech trends or challenging inefficiencies in the healthcare industry, you can find him tinkering with coffee roasting curves and plotting his next scuba trip. 

Tim Prudhomme

Tim Prudhomme


Tim is a seasoned software engineer with a background in cognitive science, formal semantics, and symbolic logic.
When he’s not leading the development team at Unified,  he’s usually researching how recent developments in AI can inform theories of cognition and perception – or bending sound waves in creative ways.

Matt Borel

Matt Borel

Solution Architect

Matt brings a depth of experience in developing web and cloud-first architectures to the Unified team.  When he’s not building systems to delight Unified users, you can find him tinkering with new video game concepts 

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