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A Better Way To

Image Management for the Modern Eye Care Professional

Imaging: Unified

The eye is full of unique insights. Unified is your platform for harnessing them.


Automated Integrations


Affordable Image Management



HIPAA compliant storage


Streamline integration workflows with automated patient matching and upload

Supported Devices

Any device that can export an image file can integrate with ImageAnywhere.

Autosaving of exported reports is supported for the following devices:

  • Retinal Imaging
    • Centervue DRS
    • Centervue Eidon
    • Zeiss Visucam (all models)
    • Zeiss Clarus
    • Optos Daytona (all models)
    • Optos Monaco (all models)
    • Optos California (all models)
    • Topcon NW400
  • OCT
    • Zeiss Cirrus (all models)
    • Zeiss Stratus (all models)
    • Topcon Maestro
    • Topcon Triton
    • Topcon 3D OCT
    • Optovue Avanti
    • Optovue iVue
  • Visual Field
    • Zeiss HFA iseries (with network broker license)*
    • Zeiss HFA 3
    • Zeiss Matrix 800
    • Haag-Streit Octopus 900
    • Oculus Easyfield
  • Topography
    • Atlas 9000
  • Anterior Segment Imaging
    • Tearscience Lipiview
  • JPEG
  • TIFF
  • PDF
  • PNG
  • XML
  • mp4 - Coming Soon
  • AVI - Coming Soon


All of your images, always available.
View up to 8 images at once and take your viewing experience a step further with features like sync-view, RGB filtering and Image overlays.


Current Feature Breakdown

  • View up to 8 images at once
  • Zoom, pan, brightness and contrast control
  • RGB filtering
  • “Synced” views:  link two or more images together for coordinated viewing
  • Image overlays
  • Dicom B-Scan scroll through
  • Dicom OCT\fundus photo registration
  • Image Tagging: Add notes to an image, allow other providers to add notes to images

Have an idea for a feature we are missing?
We are continually improving our feature set and love working with our community to develop the most clinically useful tools.  Let us know what you’re looking for!


Sharing data with patients or other providers should be effortless, with Unified Imaging, it finally is


Our HIPAA compliant patient sharing and Virtual Visit features make collaborating on patient data with your patients or co-managing providers as simple as sending an email.  Now even more powerful with real-time video communication and live chat built in.

Click the share or chat link in any patient chart

Enter the contact information for a co-managing provider or patient

Instantly connect, share and collaborate on notes and observations in real time with patients and other providers

Audit and manage access to data, easily and on demand


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