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“Print” once, view anywhere.


Unlimited uploads from any instrument, one low monthly fee.


End-to-end encryption and auditing ensures HIPAA compliance.

An Alternative for unifying all of your ophthalmic images…

Unified Imaging™ allows any printable diagnostic information to be converted into a digital format and viewed anywhere.  Our cloud “links” and “hubs” are easy to use, wireless print capture devices. They allow legacy equipment to be upgraded for the modern practice workflow, even if the equipment traditionally cannot connect to a network.  Once an image has been printed from the device, it is sent automatically to our ImageAnywhere™ app, where it can be linked to a patient or automatically synced with your EMR for review.

  • Connect

    Replace your printer with a “Cloud-Link” or “Cloud-Hub”.

  • Print

    Perform test, then print.  Our  devices convert what would have been printed into a digital format for upload to ImageAnywhere.

  • Assign

    Assign the converted report to a patient and sync with your EMR

  • Access

    Access the report with ImageAnywhere from any device.

Avoid Expensive Equipment ‘‘upgrades’’

Unified allows you to connect the instruments you have already invested in.

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